The sensations in your body are not an accident.  There is a reason behind the pain, the disease and the tension.  Each body part is a home for a specific emotion.  What if your body contained a map with answers to your freedom ?! And everything you’ve been looking for ‘out there’ is already within you !

In this powerful (and free) meditation & worksheet, you will learn how to stop and connect to the messages of your body, so you can understand what’s really been blocking you from having everything you’ve ever wanted.

Hey, it’s Nikki Jade here :)


who are ready to step OUT of their pain
and step INTO their FULL personal POWER

“If you’re ready to live a life that INSPIRES you
then LET’S TALK!

I’d love to shine light on YOUR path
so you can BE who you are meant to BE FASTER.”

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Fall in love with


for your complimentary
Clarity Call and discover
hidden obstacles that have been
blocking your success.


I have been on both sides of the spectrum…

diagnosed sick with a “lifelong” stomach disease, a bank account that barely got me by & in unhealthy relationships – I literally got sick from feeling sick of my life & decided to do the INNER WORK so I can have…

Vibrant Energy & Health, Clarity in my life’s Purpose, Abundance in ALL AREAS of life (including my bank account)

And the BEST Reward of ALL is doing life with the
most inspiring, fun & romantic Soulmate for me. I know it’s all connected.

This is ALL possible for YOU if you choose to
go on the journey of doing the


“What’s the inner work?”

The inner work is looking at subconscious belief systems that are playing
out without your awareness, giving you the same unwanted results.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

That is where a Mentor comes in.

A Mentor helps you see what you can’t see & shines light to show you the fastest path out of the chaos & designs a map to get you to your desired destination.

Don’t know your destination yet?! No worries, internal space will be
created for that clarity. Think about a fridge that is filled with old, moldy
food that is stinking it up. You come home with all new groceries but
first you need to clean out the old to make space for the new.

SAME WITH YOUR BODY & MIND – we need to clear away the inner “BS”,

(Belief Systems 😉 ) that aren’t serving you so we can make room for

YOUR TRUTH so you can live in alignment with your

path of “least resistance“.

“Nikki Jade is a Master at seeing what needs
healing inside, on a Cellular Level. Finally, someone was able to help me EMBODY PEACE from past trauma that kept me stuck for decades. Brilliant.
Thank you Nikki!”
Shannon – Los Angeles, Ca


Learn how to get out of your head

and into your HEART

Let’s make the most of whatever time you have left on the planet Earth
before you return home. You have a Purpose for being here.
It’s time to live it! Ready?!

Let’s do this!!! Click here to speak with Nikki Jade.

Talk soon Gorgeous Soul!

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