Hey, it’s Nikki Jade! Welcome to my online sanctuary where I get to share the wisdom, love and lessons from my journey with you.

I believe struggle is a choice.  Each moment we can choose to live from the fears that have been ingrained in us or we can choose love & trust.

I am a mentor for women who want to learn how to stop the struggle, let go of toxic relationships and get on path with their Divine Gifts so they can live a life they absolutely love.

I’ve lived the life of struggle and I’ve also lived the life of flow & ease and I’ll tell you which one I prefer!! :)  Once you get clear on what you want and learn how to manifest, there’s no going back.

Over a decade ago, I was living in NYC, enjoying life until the doctors diagnosed me with a “lifelong” intestinal disease that kicked me on my booty.  Clearly, the Universe was ready for me to get on my Soul’s path and most of the time the world needs to give us a big bang so we stop and wake up.

In my signature online program Pain-2-Power, I teach how our body is a vessel for Spirit to dwell in and direct our lives.  When we are heading “off-path”, the Divine uses pain to communicate with us that something is not in alignment with our truth.  We all know we can’t think about much else when we have excruciating pain in our back or a stiff neck.

I was given an incredible mentor who helped me get to the root cause of the disease and heal that negative belief that was living there causing dis-ease in my life. I wasn’t just having health issues – my relationships were a mess, my career wasn’t fulfilling, my finances were tight, and overall I wasn’t glowing with joy. Thankfully my mentor believed I could heal this disease and believed in me.

Not only did my mentor guide my healing journey but he also gave me an entire map of the specific fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs that live in exact spot in the body. This makes my job of getting to the root of the problem as your mentor a whole lot easier and faster.  I call it the Body-Mind Map.

I use the Body-Mind Map just as the name indicates, a map.  It’s a map of your subconscious beliefs that are showing up in your physical body to give you signals of what wants to be set free.

The work I do is accurate, powerful and gets fast results.  The word spread and I got invited on the stage of TEDx to share my healing journey and the incredible teachings of my mentor who worked for the CIA and FBI to solve the challenging cases. You can watch that here:

Thousands of people have been able to avoid surgery, get off medication and be happy by getting to the root cause of the pain.  One minute I’m working on the quarterback of the winning Superbowl team and the next minute I’m helping a college student avoid suicide and reprogramming her to create a life she loves every day.

We are all one and I am honored to work with anyone who is ready for lasting change, wants love in their life and is coachable.

Why do I do what I do?  Because I believe there is a great life waiting for you.

I couldn’t imagine 10 years ago that I would live life with the most amazing soulmate for me, have 2 beautiful children, live by the beach, work with game-changers and empower women to stand up for themselves and go after their dreams.  And be happy & grateful in each moment.

You can have it all.  You can stop giving up something to have something else.  That is not success.  Success is having what you want without giving up anything else.

My clients say I am the most loving toughest mentor they’ve ever experienced.  Out of love, I will call you out on beliefs and behaviors that are not true to your Godly self and give you a strategy to live your fullest expression with ease and joy.

On a personal note, I take my work seriously but not life.

  • I like to laugh, a lot.
  • The body never lies.
  • I love to sing in the shower.
  • Barefoot walks on the beach fuel my soul.
  • I stop and smell the roses.
  • Heartfelt conversations with soul sisters ignite my why.
  • I love dessert after every meal (or sometimes before)
  • I believe kindness is sexy.
  • Happy people are beautiful.

If you’ve read this far, thank you.  I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship.  If you want to be the first to know about new free content, programs, upcoming workshops and my personal life then join our VIP email community.

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If you are ready to get out of pain, drop into your best self and live the life you know you were made for, then I’d love to get to know you.

I admire people who want to grow, heal naturally and live an empowered life.  Looking forward to this journey with you beautiful soul :)

Love, Blessings & Heart (((Hugs)))


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