LIVE TALK: Heal Pain Naturally

LIVE TALK: Heal Pain Naturally
June 17, 2016 Nikki Jade
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I was recently invited to share my healing journey at my dear friend’s event. In case you couldn’t make it live, you can watch the replay here.

Because the space was super cozy, the lighting wasn’t the best but the audio is clear.

I hope my vulnerability helps you relax, laugh and awaken a part inside of you that has been wanting to come out.

I believe in your healing.

If I could heal a “lifelong” intestinal disease, you can heal whatever you are going through too.

Enjoy and let me know which juicy nuggets spoke to you the most.

Aaaaaaand even though you couldn’t be there live, I’d like to extend the invitation to you to hop on a call with me and I can help you understand more what you are going through.

You can schedule yourself in here :)

I’ve seen it all and nothing shocks me. Bring it!!!

Loving you!!!

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