Holiday Happiness Strategies :)

Holiday Happiness Strategies :)
December 23, 2016 Nikki Jade
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Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah!

I ran into the shop to get laundry detergent and recognized how ‘stressy’ a lot of people were (more than usual).

This holiday pressure created by society to buy the perfect gifts for everyone in your life, to cook the perfect holiday meal and for your Christmas lights & holiday decorations to look as beautiful as your neighbors do is artificial and if you’ve felt the pressure i give you permission to release it.

Your presence is what is truly important. So stop buying so many presents if your cup is empty. The best present you could give your loved ones is your loving, joyful & full presence.

Don’t worry, there’s still time to fill up your cup before the big day happens.


Here’s a few strategies to help you refill your cup during the holidays:

1.) Light candles and stare into the flame for a few quiet moments so you can center, become present and enjoy the food, company and conversation without other thoughts weighing on your mind.

2.) Get outside in nature – go for a walk on the beach or bundle up and walk through the snow. The fresh air plus the shining sun mixed with exercise is a key to feeling peaceful.

3.) Ask deeper questions than how is the meatloaf & pie. Ask your loved ones meaningful questions like what was the biggest accomplishment in 2016, for example. And what was the biggest lesson you learned…

These conversations remind you that you can create some EPIC things in this world with the right mindset, vision and actions. And they also remind you that no matter what challenge you go through, it too shall pass.

4.) Keep the television off. Make a conscious choice to connect with the vision God has for your life instead of having someone else tell you a vision (tell-a-vision)

5.) Drink heaps of water. Especially, if you are drinking wine, beer or any alcohol remember to alternate drinks with a large glass of lemon water. This will help you stay hydrated so you feel great the next day. And lemon is one of the only foods that help repair the liver.

6.) Burn the guilt in the fireplace. Indulge in the beautiful food that has been prepared for you or by you with love. inJOY the food and stop feeling guilty already. The guilt is what keeps on the extra lbs. I eat dessert everyday, trust me.

7.) Fill your heart with gratitude. Look for all of the beauty around you and in each person. Leave the old grudges, annoyances and past events behind. Let it go (insert Frozen theme song). Just let it go and feel the weight drop off your shoulders and into your heart space.

Have a BLAST this holiday season and remember to nourish yourself so you can have a full cup throughout the season and make some of the best memories yet!

Loving YOU!!
Nikki Jade

ps : I noticed a few of you have filled out an application to work with me and are committing 2017 to be ALL ABOUT YOU living from your BEST SELF!!! Yeaaaaa Baby!!! You can go ahead and schedule yourself directly into my personal calendar to discover what your next steps are so you can be on track for the most EPIC JUICY 2017 !!!

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