the 5 steps to Manifesting !!!

the 5 steps to Manifesting !!!
July 7, 2016 Nikki Jade
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Manifesting was a hot topic this week on my JADE Circle group coaching call.

While my ladies are Joyfully Aligning with their Divine Endowment (JADE) – they are learning how to shed anything that is not serving them so they can stand in their full expression with confidence, truth and purpose.

I made a quick recap of the 5 steps to Manifesting for you! Have you seen it yet?

I am curious, what blocks do you feel when it comes to manifesting?

Which step out of the 5 do you find the easiest to achieve and which step do you find the most challenging?

I’d love to speak with you personally to help you break through any blocks that are keeping you from manifesting the life of your dreams.

You deserve to have it all.

I believe in your greatness!

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