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  • Nikki Jade has been a tremendous part of my healing journey. Her Body-Mind Mapping, big heart and deep wisdom have really helped me connect to myself on all levels – body, mind and spirit and create more loving, positive patterns and ways of being in my life. Thank you Nikki!.”
    Marcy Morrison
    Marcy MorrisonCareer Coach - La Jolla, Ca
  • Working with Nikki Jade opened my eyes to a whole new realm. I never knew we held past emotions in the cells of our body until we did work together. She helped me release blocked emotions from my body and it helped me feel so free. It was a magical experience and I recommend it for anyone that is feeling stuck and they can’t figure out why.”
    Jessica Tishue
    Jessica TishueApp Developer - Boston, Ma
  • Nikki Jade is such a light in this world. She is an amazing healer! I highly recommend working with Nikki if you are ready for a breakthrough!”
    Katie Freiling
    Katie FreilingArtist - Austin, Texas
  • Before I started coaching with Nikki Jade I was feeling timid, lost and held a resentment i didn’t understand. Nikki gave me a new point of view on situations that happened in my life and now I feel so much more free, on purpose and i love my life! Nikki has an amazing depth of wisdom, compassion, and love. I am in awe of her and she has brought so much into my life with helping me see where I was blocked and the beauty that is possible. She is incredibly talented and a lovely, beautiful soul!”
    Dr. Heidi Wittmann
    Dr. Heidi WittmannDoctor - San Diego, Ca
  • After I attended the Pain-2-Power Healing Retreat, my world shifted.  My friends back home asked me what I did because they said I was vibrant and glowing. Nikki Jade has a magical way of washing away the stuff that is making you unhappy and somehow will have you laughing while she is doing deep work."
    Joanna W. Long
    Joanna W. LongPhysical Therapist - Fairfax, Virginia
  • Pain-2-Power Program & Healing Retreat
  • Nikki Jade helped me make many Body & Mind connections.  I am still shocked at how accurate the Body-Mind Map is.  Nikki's wisdom & guidance helped me gain clarity on big decisions I was making in my life. The day after our first session, I received a financial offer 6x as much as my usual rate. "

    Sabrina Seidman
    Sabrina SeidmanFitness Guru - Los Angeles, Ca
  • Just what I needed!!! I didn't know what I needed, but Nikki Jade's Pain-2-Power Program and Healing Retreat helped me see what I didn't.  I saw past patterns that were keeping me stuck and learned how to set boundaries. I am feeling super EMPOWERED !!!"

    Breeanne Macouzet
    Breeanne MacouzetMassage Therapist - Encinitas, Ca
  • Nikki Jade loved me when everyone else gave up on me.  She always sees my greatness even when I can't and for me that is priceless.  Thank you Nikki for helping me heal past trauma that has been ruining my life."

    Mands Mandazing
    Mands MandazingNanny - San Diego, Ca
  • Nikki Jade helped me have one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever experienced. I had a certain block that was holding me back for most of my life and Nikki nailed it in our first session together.  I feel so free and like I get to create life on a white canvas without all the past stuff holding me back.  WOW!!!"

    Mellisa Bottali
    Mellisa BottaliHealer - San Francisco, Ca
  • Working with Nikki Jade has given me massive clarity and answers to the questions I've had.  Before working with her, I used to give so much and not stand in my power.  Now I am feeling super empowered! Thanks Nikki!

    Betsy Finklehoo
    Betsy FinklehooEvent Organizer - Encinitas, Ca
  • Nikki Jade saved me from deep depression and suicidal thoughts.  I am so grateful for another chance at life.  Nikki gets straight to the point of pain, helped me heal my past fast and greatly loves you along the way. She helped me see what belief systems has been causing me pain and how to get out of it.  Forever grateful!

    Angela Maloney
    Angela Maloney Wellness Coach in San Diego, Ca
  • “Nikki Jade is a Master at seeing what needs healing inside, on a cellular level. Finally, someone was able to help me embody peace from past trauma that kept me stuck for decades. Brilliant. Thank you Nikki!”

    ShannonPhilanthropist - Los Angeles, Ca