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Ready to live your best life possible?! You can have it all. Get personally mentored to show up as your best, and leave the rest. Apply today.

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Join a sisterhood of powerful women to support you in stepping into your authentic self and living a life in alignment with your best self.  Apply to join J.A.D.E. Circle today.

You MUST read and accept the following terms and conditions to participate in any program herein.


Pace yourself through Nikki Jade’s Pain-2-Power Program. Enjoy the Body-Mind Map & P2P Healing Retreat.  Apply today for P2P Program.

You MUST read and accept the following terms and conditions to participate in any program herein.

Mentorship – 1:1 Coaching


Are you ready to take your life to the next level ?!  Nikki Jade has been helping people at all levels in life breakthrough to reach the next level, including presidential candidates, celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs all the way to housewives, college students and teenagers.

Nikki Jade has seen A LOT and is confident that she can help you see a challenge in your life differently and find a way through it fast.

“I’ve been in therapy for 20 years, and just after one session with Nikki Jade I feel so much clearer on why everything has been happening and what to put into place to get new results.  Her work is different than anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve experienced a lot.  I loved working with Nikki and feel confident to recommend her to my friends who are feeling stuck.”

Lori, Fashion Designer – New York City, NY

Nikki Jade mentors a select few individuals on a 1:1 basis each year. Together you will take a deep look at all areas of your life to get the results you’ve always wanted.

“Nikki Jade will give you tough coaching but in the most loving way. Her work is powerful and fun! She makes me cry, laugh and get clarity all at the same time.”

Joanna, Physical Therapist – Tampa, Fl

This is a year-long commitment and only for those courageous to go on the adventure of growing into your best self.

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J.A.D.E. Circle – Group Coaching

jade healing circle

J.A.D.E. Circle is a community designed for you to be supported and held in love by all of your siStars on the same journey as you, of shedding away the old to make room for the new.

J.A.D.E. (Joyfully Aligning with your Divine Endowment) Circle is a sacred space for you to discover who you truly are, what your dreams are and how to get those dreams into reality.

You are fully supported with live calls, Q&A calls, accountability coaching, private online group forums and local get togethers.

This is a year-long journey of transformation.  Enrollment opens twice a year.

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Pain-2-Power Program


Are you ready to finally get out of pain once and for all?!  In Nikki Jade’s signature online Pain-2-Power Program you will learn what the purpose of pain is and how to respond to pain so you can finally be free from it.

In P2P, Nikki Jade teaches you how to heal yourself from pain by walking you through the same process she has done with her clients who have seen massive results. You will experience deep healing within you.

“I am so grateful Nikki Jade taught me how my body and my mind are so strongly connected.  I cannot believe how accurate the Body-Mind Map is.  My body is a reflection of my inside feelings – wow! I can never look at life the same.” Sabrina, Fitness Guru – Los Angeles, Ca

This online program is powerful.  And to make an even more impact in your life, P2P comes with a 3-day healing retreat where Nikki Jade helps you heal on a cellular level.

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